28 בJuly 2018


An intuitive management system for a digital printer for mass-production of cylindrical containers.

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Complex System

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Velox is using a disruptive Direct-to-Shape (DTS) technology to print in a fast, high quality and automatic way on bottles, cream tubes, soft-drink cans, or any other cylindrical containers.

Taga UX has designed for Velox a sophisticated management system, which simplifies the complex processes that are used before and during production.
The system is comprised of several modules, representing different operations:
• Management of a single printing job
• Management of the jobs que, on different types of containers
• Management of several printers – including inventories, statistics, etc.
• Calibration
• Maintenance
• Diagnostics

The main challenge was to create a multi-user, multi-platform system that helps the different users (machine operator, site manager, designer, Velox staff) to deal with highly complex processes, in a clear and intuitive way. In order to simplify the work, Taga UX has designed several step-by-step wizards.