Enraf Nonius
24 בJuly 2018
20 בJuly 2018


A simple IoT interface for a pharmaceuticals pills dispenser






Big Data

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iSafe is an automatic smart dispenser for pills, used by people who take multiple pharmaceuticals daily, of different kinds and in various frequencies. It pushes the right pills out of the dispenser in the right moment, so the user will not forget to take them.

Taga UX has developed the mobile application which operates the iSafe dispenser using IoT technology. The application monitors the content of the dispenser and sends notifications and alerts when the time to take the pill arrives. It also notifies if the user forgot to take the pill. The application can be used by both the patient and/or the user administrator who monitors the patient’s treatment (doctor, nurse, family member, etc.). The user interface is very easy to understand and to operate, even by people who have no experience with smart phones.