26 בJuly 2018
22 בJuly 2018

Enraf Nonius

A learning system for a robotic neck and head treatment device





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Today more than two billion people suffer from neck pain and headache such as migraines and tension-type headaches. Present treatments – medications, invasive procedures and alternative therapies – are in many cases ineffective, short-acting and associated with significant side effects. Enraf-Nonius’ Occiflex is the first therapeutic treatment device using advanced robotics for the relief of chronic headache and neck pain. It is comprised of an adjustable cradle that automatically moves the head and neck gently along a therapist-guided three-dimensional course.

Taga UX has developed a multiplatform UX/UI for the Occiflex, with both a desktop/web interface and a touch screen interface on the product itself. It is a learning system, that studies the treatments and the feedback in order to improve the treatments over time. The system was built on several modules:

  • Patient information module, which tracks the patients’ general status
  • Patient status during treatment
  • Recording module – allows to record a manual treatment by the therapist and repeat it later autonomously
  • Treatment plan, which integrates the system feedback and patient feedback
  • Results Analysis – for treatment optimization

As part of the work, Taga UX has collected large amount of information, organized it in a logical way and built infographics to present the system’s result in a clear and intuitive way.