16 בJuly 2018

Armored Vehicle

A commander system for an armored vehicles platoon.



why taga-72

Complex System

Taga UX's client offers a line of armored vehicles, for military and civilian usage, which can drive on rough terrains.

Taga UX has developed a system that allows the commander of a vehicle platoon to monitor and better command the different units of the platoon.

The system is based on a control map, which allows the commander:

  • To define areas, borders, datum-points, routes, areas forbidden for driving, etc
  • To check the location and status of the different units
  • To allocate specific jobs to specific units
  • To control the vehicles’ systems: weapon, cameras, night vision, radars and more

The system was developed for a special touch screen, which can be operated at night and during rough terrain driving.