Taga UX creates digital interfaces for physical products.

Taga UX creates digital interfaces for physical products.


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Flight manager for a 3D scanner

What we do


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Why Taga?

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Taga has designed and developed hundreds of medical devices and gained extensive experience with medical procedures
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As Industrial Designers, we see both worlds and holistically combine the digital user experience with the physical one
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Big Data

We have experience in management, extraction and visualization of large data from multiple, decentralized sources
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Complex Systems

Taga has dealt with complex, multi-user software-hardware systems, which combine many sub-systems and modules
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We have designed interfaces for systems that integrate multiple connected devices that transfer data over the internet
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We design products which can work simultaneously on a desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or a built-in touch screen
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Taga has designed 2D and 3D interfaces which control 3D objects, including implementation of holograms
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Design of “at-a-glance” view of key performance indicators for particular process, enabling intuitive control and reporting

We design things

Taga is an award-winning industrial design and development firm, specializing in medical devices, consumer products and professional equipment.

Taga is known for making remarkable products, which create a major impact in their industry, either by defining a new category, presenting a technological breakthrough or gaining a leading position in their market. Overall we have designed and/or developed more than 1000 products.

Taga UX division offers the design and development of digital experiences.
Our unique approach and methodology in physical product design inspires our digital teams to create simple, intuitive and attractive digital environments and user interfaces. Our designs offer creative solutions for our client's business needs, and beautiful, meaningful interactions for their users.

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Our address: 16 Beit Hillel st.
Tel Aviv 67017, Israel